No.6  June, 2010  
  Hong Kong adopts historic democratic reform package

The Special Administrative Region’s law-making body, the Legislative Council (LegCo) at its sitting on June 25 has approved the 2012 constitutional reform package with a three-quarters majority that is going to pave the way for Hong Kong’s democratic development, bringing the city closer than ever to universal suffrage.
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  Foreign investment inflow benefits Hong Kong

Hong Kong stands to benefit from the flow of investment which has shifted towards Asia, according to the Chief Executive of the Special Administrative Region, Mr Donald Tsang.

With the shift magnified by the credit crunch and the global financial crisis, Mr Tsang said Hong Kong was strongly committed to capitalising on this development and enhancing the city's competitiveness through a raft of initiatives.
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  RMB trade expansion hailed

Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary John Tsang has welcomed the expansion of a scheme allowing international trade transactions using China’s renminbi currency to 20 Mainland provinces and cities.

The move will mean more opportunity for companies doing business with Chinese enterprises, including companies in Australia and New Zealand.
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  Invest Hong Kong hits milestone with 2000th investment project

Invest Hong Kong celebrated the completion of its 2000th investment project on June 10. This marks a significant achievement for the agency, which is tasked with attracting foreign direct investment into Hong Kong, including enterprises from Australia and New Zealand.
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