No.6  June, 2010  
Director, Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office, SydneyI am extremely delighted to announce the launch of the first fully electronic version of the Hong Kong Monitor – a monthly roundup of the latest developments in Hong Kong.

As the world’s freest economy, Hong Kong is a leading international business and financial centre, as well as a regional transportation and logistics hub. It is the gateway to China and remains a strategic location for international companies to oversee and manage their regional operations.

For more than 13 years, the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Sydney, has been collaborating with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong-Australia Business Association (and later the Hong Kong-New Zealand Business Association) to publish the Hong Kong Monitor, a regular newsletter which keeps our friends and supporters of Hong Kong abreast of our latest economic, trade and other developments as well as the city’s growing economic and trade relationships with Australia and New Zealand. From May 2009, the Hong Kong Monitor will go fully and solely electronic. Printed versions will cease to be produced. The change will allow us to disseminate our news to a wider audience, at a much lower cost and at a more frequent interval! From now onwards, I am glad to announce that the Hong Kong Monitor will be published monthly, instead of bimonthly, and I hope this will provide you with faster updates on fast-moving Hong Kong
What remains unchanged is our dedication to serve as a bridge between Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. I hope you will find the content of the newsletter useful. Your feedback is always welcome!
Lorna Wong,
Director, Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office, Sydney
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