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No.4  August, 2011  
  Hong Kong is back on the map!

It is with great pleasure that I have observed much greater awareness and interest in Hong Kong in recent months.

For example, the Australian Federal Treasurer and Trade Minister have visited Hong Kong, as have the Premiers of New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, and the Governor of Victoria. The Premier of Victoria announced his government's policy on China and Hong Kong and, I understand, plans to visit shortly. Activities organised by the various chapters of the Hong Kong business associations have been notable for the quality of their events, and the levels of participation.

The recent visit to Australia by Hong Kong's Chief Executive is certainly responsible for much of this increased awareness of Hong Kong, and the unique role it can play in the development of relations with China. But it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the sterling work being done on a day to day basis by the members and staff of the Hong Kong business associations, Invest Hong Kong, the HKTDC, the Tourism Board and my own team.

Thank you to you all. Keep up the excellent work.
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