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No.4  August, 2011  
  Scheme HK$6,000 starts  
  The HK$6,000 handout scheme commenced on August 28. The Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Prof KC Chan emphasises the registration process is simple and convenient, with no need for people to queue up to submit forms in person.

Professor Chan said people, especially the elderly, may ask people they trust to submit the form for them, or send it by post. He also reminded the public to safeguard their personal data.

People aged 18 or above who hold a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card on August 28 may register for the HK$6,000 through banks or Hongkong Post in batches according to their year of birth.

Those who meet the eligibility criteria on August 28, but who choose to receive the sum later, may register from April 1 to December 31, 2012 to receive HK$6,000 plus a HK$200 bonus.

Those who do not fulfill the eligibility criteria on August 28 but who will do so on March 31, 2012 may register for HK$6,000 on or after April 1, 2012. Registration for the scheme will close on December 31, 2012.

Noting the scheme will involve more than 6 million eligible people, Professor Chan said a batching arrangement is being adopted in the first 10 weeks.

Eligible people may register in five batches during this period according to their year of birth.

People who register through banks can get the forms from bank branches, and those registering through Hongkong Post can get them from post offices.The form can also be downloaded from the Scheme $6,000 website at

People who have bank accounts in their name only may submit duly completed forms through drop boxes placed at any branch of the bank selected. Forms may also be submitted by mail or through e-banking. If found eligible, the money will be deposited to a person's specified account.

Those who do not have bank accounts may register through Hongkong Post. If found eligible, they will be notified by post to collect a cheque at the post office selected. The cheque can be cashed at any local branch of Standard Chartered Bank.

"I would like to remind members of the public, especially the elderly, that whichever way you register, there is no need to queue up for submitting the forms in person," Professor Chan said.

"You may ask someone you trust to submit the form for you, or mail it to Hong Kong General Post Office Box No. 186000. The registration period will last till the end of next year, allowing ample time for registration. There is no need to rush."

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