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No.11  November, 2017  
  HKABA National wishes everyone a happy 2017 year and a prosperous Year of the Rooster.  
  We wish Xinnian Kuaile to all our members.  
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  Some interesting facts about Chinese New Year  
  The holiday is oddly called "Spring Festival".
Though in winter, Chinese call their New Year holidays 'Spring Festival because 'Start of Spring' (4–18 February) is the first of the terms in the traditional solar calendar. While wintry weather prevails, 'Start of Spring' marks the end of the coldest part of winter, when the Chinese traditionally could look forward to the beginning of spring.
  Every Chinese New Year starts a new animal's zodiac year.
2017 is a year of the Rooster. Each Chinese New Year is named after by one of 12 animals in their zodiac cycle.
  It is a festival for more than 20% of the world’s population.
It is the largest human migration for an annual family reunion.
  200 million Mainland Chinese travel long distances for these holidays, and it is estimated that there are 3.5 billion journeys during this time.  
  Billions of red envelopes are exchanged.
These red envelopes with cash are given out from older to younger and from bosses to employees.
  After 15 days, another festival begins. The Lantern Festival is the traditional end of the Spring Festival celebrations. Children light glowing lanterns while others let floating lanterns go on the sea, on rivers, or set them adrift in lakes.  
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