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No.1  January, 2017    
  Hong Kong Arts Festival
Hong Kong Arts Festival 2017 will feature over 1600 international artists and local talents in 149 performances. To be staged from 15 February to 19 March, the Festival is a major international art festival committed to enriching the cultural life of Hong Kong by presenting leading local and international artists in all genres of the performing arts as well as diverse range of educational events. Australian dance group Stephane Lake Company will also participate in Asia Pacific Dance Platform of the Festival.  Read more about the Festival here.
  The 11th Asian Film Awards
Inaugurated in 2007, the Asian Film Awards celebrates excellence in Asian cinema through the annual presentation of awards to the many diverse talents and films that make up the dynamic film industries of the region. Awards night is a spectacular gathering of celebrities, industry professionals and the media that highlights and publicizes the year’s achievements in Asian movies. The ceremony will be held on 21 March.  Find out more here.
  Special CNY stamp "Year of the Rooster"
To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Hongkong Post released a set of special stamps for the “Year of the Rooster”, together with other associated philatelic products.  The set, comprising four stamps and a stamp sheetlet, is full of festive motifs and traditional auspicious symbols. Portraying roosters in different art forms including cloth fabric, iron sheet, coloured seashell and golden silverware, the stamp designs are enriched with patterns of auspicious flowers in the background to symbolise a peaceful life and longevity as well as prosperity and good fortune. The stamps are on sale now. Read here for stamp details.
  "Legends on Ice" to be staged in February
"Legends on Ice" will entertain audiences with an amazing display of figure skating and acrobatic skills in February. Through integrating both elements, the show promises to offer a dazzling performance of ingenious creativity that demonstrates the graceful and fluid moves of figure skating. The performance also features video projection and special stage lighting effects that challenge the narrative flow of traditional acrobatics, giving audiences an astonishing visual treat. The performances will be staged on 24 and 25 February. Read more about the event here.
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