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  Blume Global  
  At Blume Global, we are committed to an ethical, purpose-driven supply chain that benefits all parties. A purposeful supply chain is optimized, efficient, effective, responsible and employs environmentally sustainable practices. The potential of an orchestrated, collaborative supply chain that addresses environmental and social challenges is profound.

Blume helps optimize moves to reduce carbon emissions, provides visibility and traceability, empowers small businesses and emerging economies, and orchestrates the delivery of goods where they are needed most. This is the Blume Global promise to our customers and partners.

Blume Global is expending their presence in the Asia Pacific and are seeking partners in Australia and New Zealand. Please contact HKTDC Sydney for more information.
  Sarine AI – Based Grading Diamond Report is the world’s most advanced digital report, featuring a wide range of AI-based diamond information based on trusted technology of the Sarine Lab. Fully customizable, the Sarine AI – Based Grading Diamond Reports help retailers build brands by creating an unforgettable, intuitive consumer experience that drives diamond sales, in store and online.

Sarine have recently been engaged by Tiffany and Boucheron and are seeking Australian partners now. Contact Jarrett Ho ( at the Sydney office for an introduction.
  Sunlight Eco-tech Limited  
  Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Hong Kong Science Park. It has become a long-term partner with the University of Hong Kong and Polytechnic University, and is committed to the research and development of nanotechnology, medical technology, and renewable clean energy products.

Sunlight Eco-tech’s innovative nanocoated masks actively kill the coronavirus and can be washed and reused. Their nano masks have a four-layer structure design and composite into one cloth (photocatalyst nanocoating, nanofiber membrane, natural fibre cloth, soft bottom fabric).

Contact Jarrett Ho ( at the Sydney office for an introduction.
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