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No.12  December, 2019  
upcoming events
  HKTDC Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2020, 6 - 8 Jan 2020  
  Asian Licensing Conference, 6-7 Jan 2020  
  The booming and affluent Asian consumer market has become ever more brand conscious. It provides an unmatched opportunity for Australian and New Zealand brand owners, licensing agents, manufacturers, traders and retailers to extend their brands, expand their markets, as well as enhancing their services and merchandise through licensing and IP trading. The Hong Kong International Licensing Show is the second largest show of its kind in the world and the largest in Asia and is a brilliant platform on which to capitalise on the rapidly growing Asian licensing industry.  
  The concurrent Asian Licensing Conference is the largest licensing conference in Asia, with 1300 participants from 25 countries and regions and around 30 speakers representing premier global brands. The ALC provides an outstanding opportunity to capture Asian licensing opportunities and to gain practical knowledge and develop important relationships through licensing workshops.  
  HKTDC Hong Kong Baby Products Fair 2020, 6 - 9 Jan 2020  
  HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2020, 6 - 9 Jan 2020  
  Hong Kong International Stationery Fair 2020, 6 - 9 Jan 2020  
  The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, the Hong Kong Baby Products Fair and the Hong Kong International Stationery Fair last year featured close to 3,000 global exhibitors. Together with the HKTDC Hong Kong International Licensing Show (over 400 exhibitors) the first four HKTDC fairs of 2019 attracted more than 130,000 buyers.  
  Over 51,000 buyers attended the Toys & Games Fair, while about 34,000 and 21,800 buyers visited the Baby Products Fair and Stationery Fair respectively. In addition, more than 23,000 visitors attended the Licensing Show.  
  Asian Financial Forum, 13-14 January, 2020  
  The Asian Financial Forum (AFF) brings together some of the most influential leaders of the global financial and business community to discuss developments and trends in the dynamic markets of Asia. In 2019, over 130 internationally respected speakers in government, financial and business sectors gathered for groundbreaking discussions about opportunities and challenges facing Asia.  
  The twelfth AFF attracted more than 3,300 participants from 45 countries and regions, about 80% of them were CEOs and senior decision makers. More than 400 journalists and media representatives attended the forum.  
  AFF Deal Flow Matchmaking Session  
  During the AFF Deal Flow Matchmaking Session, one-on-one meetings were arranged between sources of funds and sources of deals. Over the years, 5,200+ meetings were arranged for more than 3,000 companies involving investment project owners, private equity firms, investors, high net-worth individuals and senior professionals from intermediaries and professional services providers.  
  Contact the Sydney office for further information about discounted registrations and the official mission to AFF at  
  Hong Kong Fashion Week, 13 - 16 Jan 2020  
  The previous HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter attracted nearly 13,000 buyers from 78 countries and regions.  
  HKTDC Deputy Executive Director Benjamin Chau noted: “What started out as a small-scale show held at local hotels has become Asia’s largest fashion fair, creating many important business opportunities for exhibitors from Hong Kong and around the globe.”  
  Facing the uncertainties resulting from the ongoing trade conflict between the United States and Mainland China, together with rapid changes in sourcing and retailing models, Mr Chau urged industry players to grasp the opportunities presented by buyers from emerging markets, and stay competitive by improving design quality. Manufacturers also need to adopt the latest technologies to add value to their products. “Hong Kong Fashion Week is poised to remain as the ideal platform through which the industry can promote the latest products and exchange the latest information on fashion and market trends,” said Mr Chau.  
  Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show, 2 - 6 Mar 2020  
  Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, 4 - 8 Mar 2020  
  In 2019 two shows featured a total of more than 4,600 exhibitors and welcomed a record number of over 90,000 buyers from 141 countries and regions, up 4% over the previous year. More than 35,000 buyers attended the Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show, while about 55,000 visited the Jewellery Show.  
  In 2019 the five-day show attracted 2,615 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions, among which Jordan, Latvia and Liechtenstein tool part for the first time. Also new in 2019 were pavilions from Mexico and Indonesia, bringing a new dimension to the event. The show presents a diverse array of finished jewellery, from the rarest and most luxurious to the exclusive collections of internationally renowned brands, as well as works from emerging designers, amber jewellery and wedding jewellery.  
  The Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show, focuses on jewellery raw materials. Together, the two shows attracted a record of more than 4,600 exhibitors from 48 countries and regions and continue to form the world’s largest jewellery marketplace.  
  Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART), 25 - 28 Mar 2020  
  The previous four-day event attracted nearly 9,000 buyers.  
  Acort International, a US exhibitor and long-time FILMART participant, reached a distribution agreement for a war film titled “World W4R” with buyers from Korea, Vietnam and India on the second day of the exhibition. Horizon Motion Pictures from Canada featured “Wedding and Lovers Tourist around the World” and discussed with filmmakers from the Philippines, India, Indonesia and the United Kingdom. This documentary will have two episodes on each place to introduce local wedding ceremonies and cultural traditions.  
  Sil-Metropole Organisation Ltd from Hong Kong said its martial arts films were popular among Southeast Asian buyers at FILMART, with a number of investment discussions ensuing, including for "The Shaolin Temple 2". Sil-Metropole also revealed that a virtual reality production company from the UK intends to remake Sil-Metropole’s action movies and micro-movies with VR technology.  
  Mainland China-based China Central Television (CCTV) does a lot of international business, with 60% to 70% of the buyers of its drama-series productions coming from overseas. CCTV said many new-media platforms, including Facebook, in addition to TV stations, negotiated with them at FILMART this year. Mainland animator Fantawild Animation Inc. from Guangdong Province reached a broadcasting agreement with an Indian TV station for the company’s animation "Boonie Bears" on the third day of FILMART.  
  MarketingPulse, 27 Mar 2020  
  MarketingPulse is an integrated branding and marketing conference for global marketers, brands, advertising agencies, media, enterprises and innovation professionals to gather and share the latest marketing trends, exchange best marketing practices and explore new collaborations in Asia. From contents defining new marketing strategies to events that connect and catalyse, MarketingPulse is not only a conference, but an inspiring annual rendezvous to explore new frontiers in the markets.  
  Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) 2020, 6 - 9 Apr 2020  
  The four-day fair (6 to 9 April) last year welcomed around 21,000 buyers from 124 countries and regions, with a significant growth in attendance from markets such as Mainland China, Indonesia, Ukraine, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the Nordic countries. More than 1,430 exhibitors from nine countries and regions were featured at this year’s Spring Lighting Fair, offering exhibitors and buyers an ideal promotion and sourcing platform.  
  International ICT Expo, 13 - 16 Apr 2020  
  Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition), 13 - 16 Apr 2020  
  In 2019 the two fairs welcomed more than 100,000 buyers from 153 countries and regions, up 3.6% year on year. There was a significant increase in the number of buyers from several markets, including Mainland China, Macau, Japan, Korea, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Russia and the United Kingdom. The Spring Electronics Fair received a total of over 67,000 buyers, while the ICT Expo saw over 34,000 buyers in attendance.  
  Benjamin Chau, HKTDC Deputy Executive Director, said: “In the digital era, innovation and technology have become mega trends and smart cities are beginning to change the way people live, work and play. To meet the demand from buyers globally, this year’s ICT Expo and Spring Electronics Fair put the spotlight on smart city solutions and cutting-edge electronic products. Sourcing and business discussions were brisk throughout both events.”  
  Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair, 20 - 23 Apr 2020  
  Hong Kong Houseware Fair, 20 - 23 Apr 2020  
  In 2019 the two fairs welcomed close to 47,000 buyers from 121 countries and regions. A satisfactory increase in buyer turnout was recorded from several markets, including Mainland China, Macao, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey and Brazil. More than 28,000 buyers attended the Houseware Fair, while close to 19,000 buyers visited the Home Textiles Fair.  
  Hong Kong Fashion Week, 20 - 23 Apr 2020  
  In 2019 over 10,000 buyers from 73 countries and regions attended the four-day fair, with buyer attendance from ASEAN countries including Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam as well as Japan and Russia, recording considerable growth. More than 10 fashion events, including international fashion parades, a buyer forum, a networking reception and luncheons, were held during the fair to generate business opportunities for industry professionals.  
  Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, 27 - 30 Apr 2020  
  Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair, 27 - 30 Apr 2020  
  The world’s largest event of its kind, expanding in scale in 2019 to feature a record 4,380 exhibitors from 31 countries and regions. Running concurrently with the Gifts & Premium Fair is the Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair, jointly organised by the HKTDC and CIEC Exhibition Co (HK) Ltd, which gathers more than 500 exhibitors at AsiaWorld-Expo to showcase an assortment of printing and packaging products and services.  
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